Pave the Way Brick Campaign

The Pave the Way/Buy a Brick Campaign continues.
This fundraising project is to pave the run through (covered aisle) and most
importantly, pay down the mortgage! When all of the bricks have been sold, there will be no mortgage.

BRICKS ARE $5 - Each

There is a dedicated group of volunteers who are laying the bricks!!! (even in February)

The idea of selling bricks as a fundraising project is not new.  Bricks with the donors’ names engraved on them can cost $50 - $100 each.  However, brick sales for the Gaston Livery Stable are different.  Our bricks without engraving sell for $5 each.  At that price, young and old can be a part of this 501(c) (3) project.  Instead of a few donors, a much larger base of community support has been achieved.

On December 11, 2011, our mortgage was $165,000.  In 2013, Allen Riddick, had the great idea for the Gaston Barn Cat Project.  That successful fundraising enabled us to reduce the mortgage.    However, we still have a monthly payment of nearly $600.

The long run-through/covered aisle that faces Richland Avenue was dirty and dusty in dry weather and muddy in rainy weather.  The red dirt/mud made shoes and clothing filthy.  The Board agreed that brick pavers would make the area cleaner, more usable for events and more comfortable for guests no matter what the weather.

The original Bath Paper Mill burned on April 3, 1863.  It was constructed of bricks made in the Horse Creek Valley over 100 years ago.  In 2014, we learned that the Mill was being taken down and the bricks were being sold for 75 cents each.

The plan was formulated.  Repurpose the vintage Bath Paper Mill bricks.  Sell them for $5 each, pave-the-way (run-through/covered aisle) AND pay off the mortgage.  Several pallets of bricks were donated to get the project started.  Hundreds have been purchased by individuals.

The bricks have been laid by volunteers.  The project is almost finished, with only the triangular finishing pieces to be cut and fitted. The run through/covered aisle is clean and usable for events.

Completion of the project will be symbolic.  It will be the symbol of the community support that the preservation of the barn has received.  However, there is still a mortgage balance.

You can still buy a brick (or many bricks) to pay down the remaining mortgage of $98.500.

You can be a part of this unique all brick “U” shaped barn (only 3 left in the U.S.) with an operational carriage lift (only 2 others in the U. S.).  You can help the Gaston Livery Stable hold its place in history as a National Landmark.  You can help us tell the story of Aiken during the famous “Winter Colony” period.